Fuel Poverty and its effects on modern society

A country that allows thousands of people to die unnecessarily faces serious challenges. Currently, the coronavirus pandemic is killing people across the world and...



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All About Mental Health

One common aspect of headlines in the recent past is that they all deal with one topic that has been spreading like wildfire. This...






Fuel Poverty and its effects on modern society

A country that allows thousands of people to die unnecessarily faces serious challenges. Currently, the coronavirus pandemic is killing people across the world and is front and centre on every news channel. Fuel poverty is killing tens of thousands each year. The UK’s rate of excess winter deaths is double that of Finland, even though the average January temperature in London is 10C higher than Helsinki.

More than 30,000 additional deaths take place between December and March compared to the rest of the calendar year. According to figures from National Energy Action (NEA), it is estimated that over 9,500 deaths occur from living in a cold house. Nearly 7,000 of these deaths are linked to the 25% coldest homes in the country. This is the same number of people who pass away from breast or prostate cancer. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a cure for cancer yet, but as a nation we have the available resources to make sure everyone is able to heat up their home. Utility Saving Expert, an online energy comparison website is joining the fight to end fuel poverty, in addition to helping customers save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

Fuel poverty kills, how can we allow those that are not able to pay for their gas and electricity to die. This includes many that are elderly and vulnerable. Despite pension scheme reviews, nearly 2 million pensioners still live in financial poverty. This figure compares harshly to other developed nations around the world.

Compared to the rest of Europe, homes in the UK have a significant disadvantage when it comes to energy efficiency and retaining heat, this is in addition to the colder climate found here. Elderly residents with pre-existing cardiovascular and respiratory conditions are amongst the most vulnerable. This isn’t good news when we’re currently facing a worldwide pandemic.

If we were to tackle this problem, it is estimated that we could save England’s NHS (National Health Service) £1.3bn. This would result in fewer beds being used by patients and reducing the pressure on A&E departments and GP surgeries.

Local authorities are beginning to accept that there is a link between poor health and a lack of heating. Poor insulation and a non-functioning boiler will only lead more people directly to hospital. Local government budget cuts will inevitably cause vital public services to be reduced. According to the Institute for Public and Policy Research, “almost £1 in every £7 cut from public health services has come from England’s 10 most deprived communities – compared to just £1 in every £46 in the country’s 10 least deprived areas”.

This could cause significant problems for hospitals. Those that become sick will be sent to hospital and then discharged as quickly as possible to free up beds, to then only return to the cold temperature home that caused the illness to begin with. Not only is the physical wellbeing of those in fuel poverty affected, mental health is another key factor to consider. Those that live on their own may fear social isolation because they may wonder what others will think of them when being invited into a cold home. Living alone is challenging enough, this additional element will only make friendships and company more difficult to manage.

Government schemes such as the Warm Home Discount, which gives those that qualify a £140 discount on their energy bill each year should be defended. Currently, those that do qualify must have this knowledge ahead of time and apply through their supplier each year. There are limited spaces available, and nearly two million households could potentially miss out.

The three biggest causes of fuel poverty in the UK are: the energy efficiency of a property and therefore the amount of energy required to heat and light it, the cost of energy and household income.

So, what do the numbers say? There is a direct correlation between a poorly insulated home and a fuel poor home. Nearly 96% of homes with fuel poor households are inadequately insulated. This equates to the average fuel poor household having to pay an additional £371 each year to stay warm in comparison to an average UK household. Energy costs have risen significantly in recent years and are higher than inflation.

To fight fuel poverty, we need to raise awareness of the severity of the problem and how it affects our society as a whole.


Tips to Boost Mental Health

We are all aware of mental health and how it plays an important role in our lives. As a state of mind, one needs to find out ways to be healthy and have the right balance in life. For this purpose, you need to venture out and entertain yourself with activities that help to boost your mental health. As people perform such activities, they can be sure to live the life that they wanted and also face the right state of mind. Hence, to provide more clarity to this topic, here are some tips to boost your mental health.


Taking time out of your life to find reasons to laugh is one of the best activities that you could ever do. By all means, this is an important need and also goes further to establish our purpose in life. As individuals, we have come to a position where we have to find a reason to be happy, and that should not be our destination. Learn to laugh things off and help others to do the same. By doing so, you will be witnessing a positive change.

Airplane Mode

Technology is not everything, and you need to understand that. Social media, Netflix and such elements can wait, and you need to spend a few moments without them. Going off the grid will help you ways that you cannot imagine and can also educate you about how to lead a life without such luxurious. Hence, a smartphone is not a necessity; it is a luxury.

Go for a walk

Have you ever thought about doing something simple in life? Well, in a world that is always after money and fame, one might not think about such aspects. But to keep the right state of mind, you need to go out and do something different and simple, like going for a walk. By doing so, you are going to discover things that you may not have seen before or witness how people live their lives. So, get up from the couch and go out for a walk.

Friends and Family

Friends and Family Humans are not alone in this world. You have friends, family, pets and a lot of other creatures. So leave side aspects of hate, discrimination and all such activities to come out and do something meaningful. Go out with your friends, spend time with your family and do things that can help you be happy. Again, for the last time, leave that phone alone.

Dealing with Stress

Experts and other such individuals have always talked about stress and how we face it at one point or another. This harsh reality is something that we need to accept. But nobody told you to sit in a corner and do nothing about it. Learn to deal with it and find your way out of the same.
Mental Health

All About Mental Health

One common aspect of headlines in the recent past is that they all deal with one topic that has been spreading like wildfire. This very topic tends to be about mental health and how numerous people are getting associated with it. Regardless of the impact, several individuals do not seem to be getting the point. The importance of mental health is an aspect that needs to be taught in schools, colleges and every individual need to be aware of the same. Hence, to take this discussion further, we are going to tell you all about its importance.

The Impact

As a subject, mental health may have sprung up into conversations only in the recent past, but it was present from the very existence of humans. Specific individuals who have struggles, hardships and other such difficulties tend to face a bad state of health, and that affects their mental state. The problem does not end here and continues further with a whole bunch of implications. Starting from suicidal thoughts and extending up to illegal pills, a bad mental state could push individuals through a lot. There is no easy way to put this, and we are not done talking about the impacts. So as individuals, we need to straighten up and understand why these matters need to be taken into account. For that very purpose, one needs to acknowledge the source, hence, continue reading.

The Source

The Source An individual could face a bad state of well being, and that arises through a lot of sources. Be it frustration against your job or a case of bullying at school; mental health plays a crucial role everywhere. This is also one of the main reasons why we need to keep our mouth in check while talking about this matter to an individual who is going through such a phase in life. By understanding the source, we can make sure not to fall into it and also not to create it. This needs to go out to all corners, and all of us needs to get this clear in our minds. Apart from such cases, mental health could also arise from past experiences and the feeling of losing a loved one.

Help & Support

The first step that an individual needs to take for the same is the willingness to accept the current situation. By doing so, they will be ready to seek help and support comes along the line. Be it therapy or sessions; there are numerous sources of help that an individual can receive. Apart from that, people close to such individuals also have a few points to note down in life. Telling them to stop worrying and not to be sad cannot be considered as support, and you will not be helping them in any manner. Hence, learn to understand and help in the right way.